Additive Manufacturing

Metal Heart uses Additive Manufacturing (AM) methods in the form of Selective Laser Melting to manufacture complex metal components for Aviation, Aerospace and Defence, Tooling, Automotive, Research and Development, Medical and Dental industries.
Metal Heart not only serves as a Rapid Prototyping service provider, but uses AM methods to mass produce complex metal parts that, using conventional CNC methods, are difficult or impossible to manufacture.
Materials available: Titanium (Ti6AI4V - Grade 23), Aluminium (AISi10Mg), Tool Steel (1.2709). Additional materials on request.

Designing Services

Metal Heart offers services for converting ideas to 3D Computer Models. Engineering drawings of components can also be provided. Computer Aided Design (CAD) models can then be used for prototyping or production. Redesign of components are also offered to incorporate the advantages of Additive Manufacturing methods.

Reverse Engineering

By using 3D scan data to generate a CAD model from a physical object, it is possible to design complex components or shapes. Data-Clouds can be generated and supplied as individual data sets. Using software interfaces, surface and geometric features are identified to speed up reverse engineering. Advantages of reverse engineering capabilities: Obtain CAD data from original designs, Design parts to fit parent parts, Modernize manufacturing capabilities

Heat Treatment

Various heat treatment capabilities available for printed materials. ​ Argon based lab sized vacuum furnaces.

Quality Control

Using Metrology equipment, Point-Cloud-Data is obtained from manufactured components and compared to CAD data.
A report is generated to illustrate deviations between the two data sets.
Application for Quality Control: Part-to-CAD inspection, First article Inspection against CAD model, Inspection of geometric features, and Input for rapid prototyping.

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