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Our promise is to change the way you see and understand the manufacturing world forever.
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About Us

Established with the core purpose of providing South Africa with the first of its kind manufacturing HUB focusing mainly on “Metal Additive Manufacturing”.

Founded with a strong emphasis on using high technology manufacturing methods,
Metal Heart will deliver components and solutions to clients at competitive pricing structures.
Our aim is to change the way you see and understand the manufacturing world forever

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We want to build and improve the Additive Manufacturing industry within South Africa engaging small businesses to large corporations.

Services You Get

Additive Manufacturing

We offer our clients advanced manufacturing technologies to improve their product offerings. Through the use of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), clients can now manufacture more complex and better-designed components than ever before. Clients have a wide range of 3D Printing technologies and materials to get the best product desired.dW

Designing Services

Our designs are attentive and precise resulting in products that function more optimal within the specific client needs, be it Additive Manufacturing of conventional manufacturing methods, molds or the actual product.

Quality Control

With us, clients get a detailed quality control services by means of point cloud to CAD comparison to ensure parts are manufactured to the correct tolerances. Quality checks to ensure parts are manufactured to the correct tolerances.

Reverse Engineering

With this dynamic tool, an existing physical part is scanned by using advanced software to generate a digital copy of the part for re-production.

Heat Treatment

Our Additive Manufactured materials have straight forward heat treatment profiles. This allows us to assist our clients to get the best performance out of their manufactured parts.

Plating Technology

Through strategic partners, Metal Heart offers a range of plating technologies, from Anodizing, Diamond-Like-Coatings to PEO and various others according to customer requirements.

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